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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CLOGS--I Can't Help It!!!

Ok. So there is a trend for fall. I love it.

CLOGS! I have two pairs and soon to have three. They are amazing. At first I was apprehensive towards this trend. Clogs? Really? I immediately thought nurses, doctors, you get the point. But wait! They are actually super cute. And comfortable. My first pair were Lucky Brand clogs. I love the metal studding around the edge-- it adds a lot!

So cute!

After I wore my clogs for two weeks strait (no joke), I fell in love with clogs, and I upgraded. If you want to spoil yourself with the most fabulous, comfortable and stylish clogs visit the website Swedish Hasbeens. They are worth the money! I wear mine ALL THE TIME! 
See? Aren't they darling? I love the wedge detail over the toe section!

They go with everything. Jeans. Skirts. Dresses. Tights. You name it! Buy them today. You won't regret it!

I am not the only one in love with clogs. Check out the celebrities below that love them too! 

Below are my next pair. I have been eyein' them for months! 

Aren't they great? Clogs. And you thought they would never come back.

Hope you're inspired, 

Clover (to clarify that's clog lover)

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