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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CLOGS--I Can't Help It!!!

Ok. So there is a trend for fall. I love it.

CLOGS! I have two pairs and soon to have three. They are amazing. At first I was apprehensive towards this trend. Clogs? Really? I immediately thought nurses, doctors, you get the point. But wait! They are actually super cute. And comfortable. My first pair were Lucky Brand clogs. I love the metal studding around the edge-- it adds a lot!

So cute!

After I wore my clogs for two weeks strait (no joke), I fell in love with clogs, and I upgraded. If you want to spoil yourself with the most fabulous, comfortable and stylish clogs visit the website Swedish Hasbeens. They are worth the money! I wear mine ALL THE TIME! 
See? Aren't they darling? I love the wedge detail over the toe section!

They go with everything. Jeans. Skirts. Dresses. Tights. You name it! Buy them today. You won't regret it!

I am not the only one in love with clogs. Check out the celebrities below that love them too! 

Below are my next pair. I have been eyein' them for months! 

Aren't they great? Clogs. And you thought they would never come back.

Hope you're inspired, 

Clover (to clarify that's clog lover)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The cat's pajamas

I love anything from the 1950's era. Furniture. Clothing. Cars. Recipes.

Perhaps because of my love for old-timeyness (I understand that old-timeyness is not a world. whatever.) I am in LOVE, IN LOVE, IN LOVE, IN LOVE with the show Mad Men. Did I mention I really love the show Mad Men? It is a show about advertising executives and their twisted, extremely intriguing lives. And it is placed in the late 1950's, early 1960's. Check out THIS SITE for more info.

I love the show. I am sure you get that by now. The costumes are fab. The cast is phenom.

More than the costumes and cast I am in love with Don Draper.

Can you blame me?

Look at him!

Even my tough, manly, cowboy fiance has a 'man-crush' on Don.
And no--I don't think that is weird at all, why do you ask?

You need to check out this show. Seriously. If not for the clothing, outstanding acting or sheer addictiveness of the show, watch it for Don. He will change your life.

Don is the cat's pajamas.

Don Lover (Donver?)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chicks, Man

Chicks, Man! I am laughing out loud. I love Joel McHale. He is on E! and his show is hysterical. Chicks, Man!

Lame, I know.

On the topic of Chicks, Man-- Wade and I just got back from the local post office. What does that have to do with Chicks, Man? Well.....drum roll....we picked up 25 chicks! Yes. 25 live, chirping, day-old chicks. I ordered them from McMurray Hatchery. I decided on the 'Rainbow Collection'. No, they are not rainbow colored....

Sorry, I had to. They are not like the above chicks...they are rainbow layers. There are a variety of breeds which lay different colored eggs. HERE is a chart showing chicken breeds and their corresponding egg color.

When spring comes* we will be getting brown, blue/green, and white eggs. So colorful! With 25 chicks (soon to be hens) we will have over 20 eggs a day.

I better start collecting quiche recipes now.

*Farm Fact: hens lay eggs based on length of daylight so in Spring they start laying eggs because the days are longer and in winter their egg production stops because of decreased day length.

Here are our chicks.....

I wish you could hear them all peeping!


Only 1 day old! 

Aren't chicks the best? You get them. They are too cute for words. Then they grow up. And when they are grown they give back to you for the rest of their lives. I am convinced their eggs are a way of saying 'thanks for taking care of us, we love you'.

Ok. Maybe not. But still! I bet parents wish their kids would give back like hens do!

I will keep you posted on our chicks as they grow up.

And seriously, if you have a fab quiche recipe send it to me. 

Chicks, Man!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So Ya Wanna Live in the Country?

I want to begin my blog by telling you about my first experience living the “country life”. 

I have to start off by telling you I brought this on myself. I began my fascination with the world of agriculture at a young age. My grandpa had some cattle in Texas but other than that the members of my family are NOT aggies.

Anyway, I joined the 4-H in 4th grade and showed a hog at the county fair. It snowballed from there. I continued to show animals (lambs) and became active in the F.F.A. (Future Farmers of America). During this time my love for cowboys blossomed. My friends deemed “Cowboy Take Me Away” by the Dixie Chicks my theme song. My freshman year of college I met Wade, the cowboy who stole my heart. He is perfect. Funny. Handsome. Loving. He is my cowboy. 

Wade proposed to me in July (July 13th to be exact...) and within two months we moved out to the county. I moved to the country. I had never lived on an un-paved road until about a month ago and I am learning quickly that living out here is not all wildflowers and song birds. 

About two weeks ago I kept hearing an incredibly loud crunching noise. I thought there was someone on our roof. I kept telling Wade about the noises I was hearing and he kept saying “there are noises in the country you have to get used to”. Ugh.

Then one day he heard it, and proceeded to tell me there was a rat in our attic. I had no idea rats were capable of making such a ruckus. I quickly demanded we get rid of the rat (it was above our kitchen for goodness sakes)! Poison was placed up there and the noises stopped. Peace on the ranch. 

We had some friends over on Saturday for dinner and after we all went wine tasting ( oh the benefits of living in wine country!). When Wade and I arrived back home I went into the kitchen and it smelt funny. So I moped and all was well.

UNTIL SUNDAY MORNING. When the following happened: 
  • I grabbed my coffee cup and found a maggot, (yes mom a maggot) in my cup (it had fallen from the ceiling...)
  • I went into the laundry room to get our dogs out and was floored by the most horrific smell
  • I frantically tried to find Wade to tell him about the current situation (he is always logical and I was sure he would know what to do)
When  I found Wade his reaction was quite simple. Disturbingly simple for a country-living virgin (that would be me). He walked into the kitchen and laundry area. Took a sniff, “yep”. Another sniff, “yep, it’s what I thought. That is the smell of a rotting rat.” GROSS.

I still have not decided which is worse, the noise of the rat or the smell of the rat. These are things you must contemplate when you live in the country.

Thanks for reading,
Newfangled Country Girl