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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The cat's pajamas

I love anything from the 1950's era. Furniture. Clothing. Cars. Recipes.

Perhaps because of my love for old-timeyness (I understand that old-timeyness is not a world. whatever.) I am in LOVE, IN LOVE, IN LOVE, IN LOVE with the show Mad Men. Did I mention I really love the show Mad Men? It is a show about advertising executives and their twisted, extremely intriguing lives. And it is placed in the late 1950's, early 1960's. Check out THIS SITE for more info.

I love the show. I am sure you get that by now. The costumes are fab. The cast is phenom.

More than the costumes and cast I am in love with Don Draper.

Can you blame me?

Look at him!

Even my tough, manly, cowboy fiance has a 'man-crush' on Don.
And no--I don't think that is weird at all, why do you ask?

You need to check out this show. Seriously. If not for the clothing, outstanding acting or sheer addictiveness of the show, watch it for Don. He will change your life.

Don is the cat's pajamas.

Don Lover (Donver?)

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