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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chicks, Man

Chicks, Man! I am laughing out loud. I love Joel McHale. He is on E! and his show is hysterical. Chicks, Man!

Lame, I know.

On the topic of Chicks, Man-- Wade and I just got back from the local post office. What does that have to do with Chicks, Man? Well.....drum roll....we picked up 25 chicks! Yes. 25 live, chirping, day-old chicks. I ordered them from McMurray Hatchery. I decided on the 'Rainbow Collection'. No, they are not rainbow colored....

Sorry, I had to. They are not like the above chicks...they are rainbow layers. There are a variety of breeds which lay different colored eggs. HERE is a chart showing chicken breeds and their corresponding egg color.

When spring comes* we will be getting brown, blue/green, and white eggs. So colorful! With 25 chicks (soon to be hens) we will have over 20 eggs a day.

I better start collecting quiche recipes now.

*Farm Fact: hens lay eggs based on length of daylight so in Spring they start laying eggs because the days are longer and in winter their egg production stops because of decreased day length.

Here are our chicks.....

I wish you could hear them all peeping!


Only 1 day old! 

Aren't chicks the best? You get them. They are too cute for words. Then they grow up. And when they are grown they give back to you for the rest of their lives. I am convinced their eggs are a way of saying 'thanks for taking care of us, we love you'.

Ok. Maybe not. But still! I bet parents wish their kids would give back like hens do!

I will keep you posted on our chicks as they grow up.

And seriously, if you have a fab quiche recipe send it to me. 

Chicks, Man!

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